Business Health Checks

Our team is here to work in partnership with you and offer expert advice from our experienced consultancy to grow your business. With 35 years of experience in the hardware sector, we can help you with:

tick-01 Pricing – We are here to help you with your competitive pricing strategies within the market.
tick-01 Merchandising – Working with your store and suppliers, we can provide assistant on correctly merchandising your product range, to ensure maximum exposure and sales.
tick-01 Core Supplier Ranging – Join the rest of the group by stocking a core range. This can improve your margin and create new sales opportunities while attracting return customers.
tick-01 KPI setting – Where do you want your business to be in one years’ time? We can help you identify how to reach your goals and set key performance indicators with you.
tick-01 Who your customers are – The best way to sell more is to first identify who your customers are. Are they farmers, tradies, or DIYers. Do they shop in the morning of afternoon? What age group do they belong? These are all very important questions we can help you answer.