Electronic Direct Marketing



Create opportunities and connect with your customers by sending personalised, targeted emails through our Electronic Direct Marketing (EDM) services. Unlike print and traditional direct marketing, EDM is cost-effective, timely, and allows for highly targeted messages to ensure maximum value. Extend your campaigns beyond your own email list through large numbers of CPS members, and their email lists as well!

Through the use of professionally designed, customisable templates we enable you to create individually branded email campaigns to suit all your business needs. Research shows that 69% of business decision makers prefer email for receiving marketing messages.



EDM’s are also measurable, meaning a direct calculation of the return on investment for your campaign. Using these readily available analytics, we can track how many customers have opened your campaigns, click-throughs, and conversion rates and use these insights to continually refine and improve results.

At CPS we communicate a lot on behalf of suppliers, keeping our members up to date with information and sales relevant to them.

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