Marketing Services


As part of our services, we can undertake marketing plans and strategies tailor made to your business. Transform your marketing through multi-platform, coordinated campaigns that combine forward looking technology with industry know-how to deliver real results.

The team at CPS is ready to help your business grow.


At CPS we go beyond the basics of promoting your product, we develop integrated campaigns that span across all aspects of your business in order to facilitate growth and ensure future success in an ever-changing marketplace.

Our marketing professionals can sit down with you to map out where you would like your business to go and how we can help to get you there.


Our marketing services also include the management and implementation of these strategies on your behalf ranging from traditional catalogues and signage to websites, online brochures, SMS communication, and Email Direct Marketing.
We understand that running your own business can be challenging and you may not always find time to do the things you would like to. That’s why the CPS team is here to manage your marketing activities for you.


The greatest benefit of the CPS package is that we not only help you to build a marketing and advertising strategy, but that we work to deepen customer loyalty, strengthen brand recognition, and maximise profits. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise to build your brand.