Be part of a special share distribution event

Your opportunity to share in the growth of CPS and TradeSmart. Call us on 08 6314 0988

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We are offering every active member:

40,000 Redeemable Preference Shares

Available to each of our active members, for a one-off total cost of $400

Non-cumulative preference dividend of $200 per year

For Redeemable Preference Shareholders, subject to board approval, every year you’re an active member

Resell option, even if you become inactive

You can sell your shares via redemption, or to another member at no additional cost – $400 for 40,000 Redeemable Preference Shares

Special Annual Rebate Distribution

Available to Redeemable Preference Shareholders, as agreed by the board each year

An exciting new chapter!

We would like to share our business success with you, our members.

At CPS, we are restructuring our shareholding to ensure our active CPS and TradeSmart members have a say in the way we operate.

Redeemable Preference Shares FAQs

Got a question? Call us on 08 6314 0988

The shares are fully paid.
You cannot be asked by the company to tip in more money. Categorically it’s a one-time only $400 payment for 40,000 Redeemable Preference Shares.

Yes. The Redeemable Preference Shares carry
the same voting powers as ordinary shares. That means you can vote and be eligible for board selection.
In fact, that’s what this Share Distribution is all about
– ensuring all CPS and TradeSmart active members are in control of their future!

If you don’t buy in this Share Distribution round, you may be given the opportunity at a later date. Not being a shareholder won’t change your present entitlements.
It’s entirely your choice. You are also free to sell your shares to other members if you wish.

Contact CPS General Manager – Stephen Wren, Company Secretary – Liz Vassi, or board Chair – Tim Ellery, for more information on 08 6314 0988 or [email protected]

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Special Annual Rebate Distribution

The more you purchase, the greater your annual rebate.

In the past, Special Annual Rebates have been paid to our ordinary shareholders. After this share restructure only Redeemable Preference Shareholders will be eligible to receive the Special Annual Rebate.

In the last two-years alone, $230,000 has been shared between our members through the Special Annual Rebate.

How to be part of the special share distribution offer

This limited time offer will expire on 28th May 2022

  1. Complete the application form and return it to us by 28th May 2022
  2. We will debit the $400 cost of the 40,000 Redeemable Preference Shares to your rebate account

The first preference payment of $200 is likely to be made in August 2022. The board will decide on the Special Annual Rebate Distribution in October or November 2022.

Call us on 08 6314 0988