Sponsorship and Events


Make your business stand out from the crowd, whether it’s a trade day, branded giveaway, or sponsoring an industry event, CPS can manage this for you. We understand that whether you have a dedicated marketing department, outsource, or advertise when you find the time, events can be tricky and time-consuming, so let the professional marketing team at CPS coordinate the entire experience.

There is no more efficient way of connecting with your customers than by growing your presence in the industry as a whole. CPS conferences provide key suppliers with the opportunity to present to more than 200 members. We can also run trade days or demonstrations of your product, supported by our marketing team, in order to build your profile in the community.

CPS can also run giveaways to build excitement around product launches, trade shows, or industry events. In the past, CPS have previously run several successful giveaways for suppliers such as Spear & Jackson, Makita, and Apex Tools bringing increased revenue, and providing you with valuable customer contact details. Speak to the marketing team about how we can create a custom event to suit your business.

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