Supplier Benefits


At CPS, we understand that each of our suppliers are unique and each supplier benefits from different aspects of the business. That’s why we endeavour to make arrangements that suit you and work with suppliers to implement their plans for growth.

We can work with you on aspects such as:

  • Volume based buying – Increasing your sales volume is always a target of suppliers. One way we can achieve this is by including an equity program for our members with your products in mind.
  • Rebates and deals – Favourable terms with our group will ensure both supplier support and CPS member competitiveness.
  • Marketing programs – If you want to grow your brand within CPS, we can help you to advertise to our members and their customers.
supplier cogs

Increase sales through large-scale buying power. CPS offers suppliers the potential to distribute your product to over 200 independent retailers across Australia.

supplier truck