Supplier Selection & Discounts

CPS has strong relationships with 200 suppliers including many of the country’s biggest brands, so not only by being a CPS member do you get a great buying program, but you have access to a wide variety of suppliers, bringing even greater value to you; the member.

Having such a diverse range of suppliers available to you means you can find the most efficient and flexible supplier that will meet your individual business’ needs.

Not only do we have a diverse range of suppliers, but we have additional rewards for core ranging. With all the CPS members working towards one range of core suppliers, we are able to secure better deals using our volume as a negotiating tool. As you grow, CPS as a group becomes stronger.

Some more advantages of stocking the CPS core range:

  • Encourage competition and value – By stocking core suppliers, you ensure CPS has more negotiating power, driving more value to your business.
  • Access new customers – new customers will make queries on your well-priced, well-advertised range.
  • Create partnerships – Encourage tradesmen and builders to use your store based on your well stocked shelves of some of the most trusted brands.
  • Enhance your business’ brand – Become well known for stocking a great range at fair prices