Your dedicated buying group.

Our vision is to make your purchasing easy and lucrative.

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“We are responsive to your needs, innovative and on a mission to make buying better and easier for your business”.

Who are Central Purchasing Services?

A focused, member owned buying group in building, rural, hardware and industrial supplies.

Although we provide our members with preferential pricing from preferred industry suppliers, we do more than simply facilitate purchases and broker deals. We support you, our loyal members and suppliers, offering a personal service backed by experience, expertise and a tried and tested network.

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How does it work?

Partnerships you can count on.

Our members are independent retailers comprised of building, rural, hardware and industrial supply businesses. Our suppliers are building, rural, hardware and industrial wholesalers and manufacturers.

A brief history

We’ve been supporting independent retailers since 1980.

Central Purchasing Services started out as the purchasing arm for a group of West Australian rural co-operatives. Soon after our inauguration, we were joined by a group of independent hardware stores – known today as the MAKIT group.

We are an unlisted public company, democratically managed by you, our members through a member-appointed board of directors.

In 2015, our acquisition of the TradeSmart Industrial Group grew nationwide. We are also proud members of Australia’s eminent building supply group, the Natbuild alliance.