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Membership is open to:

  • independent Australian retailers with a shopfront,
  • suppliers of building, rural, hardware and industrial products,
  • businesses who need better purchasing power, but still want to be in control.
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Why join Central Purchasing Services?

As a member, you will tap into:

Team Member

The combined bargaining and buying power of over 200 independents

Team Member

Instant access to highly competitive deals from a diverse range of suppliers

Team Member

A personalised service that respects and maintains your independence

Team Member

Easy accounting – chargeback system, centralised billing and a user-friendly portal

Team Member

Tailored business and marketing support, help and advice, when you need it

Team Member

Over 40 years of experience in fostering rewarding business relationships

Free to join, nothing to lose.

Access group purchasing deals while operating on your own terms.

There are no minimum joining requirements and no ongoing membership fees. All you pay is an offset buying fee of 0.5 to 3.5% when we deliver.

Membership FAQs

Got a question?

There are no joining fees. A service may be payable as a percentage of your purchases. That fee depends on your purchasing volume. The more you spend, the lower the fee, sometimes there are no fees. The maximum fee for an occasional user of our facility is 3.5%. But don’t forget, we pay you settlement discounts and trading rebates, which can be as high as 8%, depending on which suppliers you choose.

Yes, although we want your purchases to count towards the reduction or elimination of your buying fee. We do not dictate the terms to you, you are free to decide.

We have a full suite of marketing services including graphic design, website design, bulk SMS, email marketing, social media marketing, events, and promotion. We may also be able to access some supplier marketing funds for you.

In addition, we have a branded promotional group, MAKIT Hardware, for our retail members.

Our MAKIT branded members build visibility and strength by marketing under a shared banner. Participation is 100% optional, and the entire branded marketing function is facilitated by Central Purchasing Services.

Ready to join?

Operate as an independent with the purchasing power of a chain store.

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