Parchem Construction Supplies

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13 Tomlinson Road, Welshpool WA 6106


Parchem Construction Supplies is a leading manufacturer/supplier of products and equipment to the Australian & NZ concrete and construction markets. Parchem’s range of construction products include concrete repair, grouts and anchoring systems, engineering and architectural coatings, concrete curing compounds, flooring and surface treatments, jointing systems, sealants, waterproofing products and materials and water stops.
With trusted brands such as Fosroc, Vandex, Vector and Index, Parchem provides expert solutions for all civil engineering, commercial and industrial projects.

Additional Information

Supplies: Nationwide
Minimum Order Value No
– Surcharge if below MOV N/A
FIS Value No Delivery
– Surcharge if below FIS N/A
Settlement Discount No
Rebates Paid No
LTI Program No
Advertising Funds Available No
WA only or National supplier National